Three Lessons on Life

When you have a day that smacks you in the face with knowledge it’s always wise to tell someone. There were three things that I wrote down today plus one bonus that was a clear takeaway on life. Takeaways for a better life perhaps in a lot of cases and ways to get us out of the funk we may be in depending on where we are at.

Tim Ferriss’ podcast.  Ok, ok, no I’m not a paid shill for the Tim Ferriss podcast. A fan that tries to really listen to everyone on there and take away points that are going to better my life, and everyone else’s life, around me. Tim Ferriss’ podcast with Adam Robinson has quickly become one of my, if not the favorite episode I’ve listened too.  There were zero expectations going into it. I’d heard Adam Robinson previously on an earlier podcast and had taken note of his approach to the markets. “That doesn’t make sense” was a life lesson for himself when gauging what to think of events happening in the stock market.

To make a long story short he was highly introverted as a kid and went through bouts of depression through most of his adult life until he hit the age of 40 and things really began to change and come into focus. You get the sense listening to him that he is incredibly smart and intuitively knows how to solve problems that arise in his life. So what were the takeaways or as he put it three rules for success:

  1. Fun, enthusiasm, & delight in everything that you do. The starting point to approaching life has to be with fun and enthusiasm. Entering this type of mindset before you take on any task and realise that life is short so why be in a bad mood. This one for me isn’t necessarily easy but ok, I’m listening.
  2. Connecting with everyone you encounter using the maximum amount of effort. Actively engaging with those people you interact with on a daily basis even if it’s simply the person who is making your coffee in the morning. I have always witnessed my mom take this approach in life and countless times write this down as something to follow. Not easy but absolutely the truth.
  3. Lean into each moment expecting that magic or miracles will happen. In other words, go into every encounter imaging that only the best outcome will happen. This notion runs parallel to what James Allen talks about in As A Man Thinketh. “As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.” (As A Man Thinketh, p. 20). Imagine the greatest of outcomes in each encounter and it will propel you forward into encountering that very magic.

This blog post was written from these very places. I sat down feeling in a good mood and hoping to connect with people. Hoping to share these takeaways so that someone else may benefit too and imagining big things (book deal anyone reading?). Truthfully though he left me with this idea on life, coming out of his own bouts of depressing, and echoed on an earlier episode of the podcast with Tony Robbins. It’s all about the other person. Tim Ferriss’ paraphrased Tony Robbins at this point saying: “The best medicine to fix yourself is to stop focusing on yourself.” Ok morning pages point taken. Enough internal focus lets’s re-focus outside and see what happens.

I encourage you to experience Adam yourself (or follow along on Twitter @IAmAdamRobinson) on the podcast and listen to the stories in his own words. Of not, listen to how he became Bobby Fischer’s protege (Yes, the most famous chess champion to have ever lived, Bobby Fischer).

Podcast Link

If that wasn’t cool enough I sent Adam an e-mail shortly after listening to the podcast and in my e-mail had quoted the Steve Jobs’ commencement speech on finding what you love to do. He responded back with this:

“And Yes Sean, never settle!  And make joy and magic part of the process of searching!”


4 thoughts on “Three Lessons on Life

  1. Steve Job’s speech was really good! Reading the three points, to me they add up to “force of attraction” principle, meaning that how you approach, what you think and put into something, that’s what you get back (attract). The world is still the same, but it becomes different to you.

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    1. You are right. I think the challenge for me has always been maintaining a consistent approach. I liked these three because they were simple enough to remember and follow. Writing them down every morning has proved useful so far. What are your thoughts on the force of attraction principle?


      1. Idea is the same, just expressed in different words. It sounds simple, but I it is not easy to maintain this state of mind continuously. We all have days or moments when we are tired, feel imbalanced, or simply not in the mood to engage with others or believe in miracles (and as a rule interesting encounters or magic are less likely to happen).
        I think that writing these points in the morning is really a good approach; kind of reminding yourself that it is up to you what your day is going to be. I am sure that some days it will work, some days not, none of us is a super human. But I also think that if with this bit of conscious effort, life can appear to have much more magic than we have ever thought…why not give it a try?


  2. Loving the positivity of the post. For me, mindset is so, so, so important. If I wake up thinking, “nah, today is not my day”, then yeah, it won’t be my day. If I wake up thinking something fun, positive and motivating then I start my day with a smile. I try to just do what I love, spend time with the people I like and care about (as opposed to trying to connect with everyone I come across) and to remind myself that it is ok to take time for myself. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, at least that’s what I think. Great post.

    I’d love to feature your article on because I think it’ll speak to our audience. Would you be interested in becoming a Creator? I’d love to give you some more information so feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Hope to hear from you.


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