The Joy of Forgetting

I don’t remember taking the photo. I remember walking past this gallery several times while visiting Paris but I don’t remember taking this photo. How unusual because it was a nice surprise to stumble across it as I was slowly making my way through photos to edit. I’ve remarked before that my photo editing style tends to meander slowly through the different trips and photos taken; this was a pleasant surprise.

The truth is I’m still uncovering the style of photos that I love to take. More importantly honing in on the types of photos that I love to look at and yes, get distracted by it seems! I’ve been inspired as of late by the creations of so many amazing street photographers who share their works on Instagram. Landscape photos are beautiful but the human element of a street photo captures my attention. A story caught in an instant. Street photography tends to capture this more closely as people are involved and you stare at a photo and imagine what they must be going through.

A car rushes by, not unlike the many on this busy roadway. A couple is looking to cross, one with a smile on her face perhaps reminiscing about the day out with her friends or someone that she just met. A gentleman stands casually waiting. For what? He seems to notice the crowd close by and wonders whether the gallery might interest him; doubtful. He has somewhere to be.

The crowd is forming to get in with their last hurdle the doorman who knows that perception is the key to success at any gallery. The perception of interest and excitement. Our eyes are drawn to the crowd gathered out front and we wonder what might be on display inside. A girl off to the left can’t wait. She stands at the glass looking in yet our view is obscured by the frosting in the glass. Is it .. soap? Have we missed some event that was once in a lifetime? Perhaps.

As beautiful as a landscape photo is the story remains buried in the landscape itself. I’d like to go visit these places but people lend that unexplainable factor to any photo. They are the story. Looking back through old photos it is clear that something I need to work on is a better sense of when to capture those stories and being bolder in doing so.

Freedom lies in being bold.Robert Frost

I don’t recall taking this photo but now I’m glad I did because I spent the evening reminiscing about those moments and what those people may have encountered. Art galleries aren’t places I usually visit and yet there is something about this one. There is a story in everything we encounter and through creativity, we have the opportunity to tell it.


Be bold in your actions for life is quick to pass us by. Jack Kornfield’s quote echoes in the back of my mind…“The trouble is, you think you have time…” Be unapologetically bold in your own creativity and get off the fence if you are still sitting there waiting for the right opportunity.

Take a moment and check out this amazing IG account for the inspiration behind my photo and thoughts today. I often look at these photos and think, Yes. Zahara

A quick Google search revealed that this gallery is in fact 59 Rivoli. A building that began when artists/squatters needed a place to work and over time transformed into a thriving art community. Amazing. Bold.




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