The Right to be Obsessed


Back yard fence; get out there and do it!


What does an expert on writing, Julia Cameron, and a master salesman, Grant Cardone, have in common besides being incredibly successful in their respective fields.  Well, they appear in the last sentence, that’s something. Truth be told, I would not have said their name in the same sentence had it not been for the fact that I had both books (The Right to Write (AF) and Be Obsessed or Be Average (AF)) on the go at the same time. They certainly don’t seem like two people who would be hanging out together having a beer.  That being said I don’t know either of them.  Grant Cardone seems like a crazy person (in a good way) and Julia Cameron seems like the teacher you want for every class (calm, supportive, and focusing your learning on the things that matter). What struck me about both of their books though is that they both hit on the idea of time being so crucial to what we are doing.
I’m guilty of it and I know most people are guilty of it.  “I’d do this if only I had time …”, “Tomorrow I’m going to set aside a few minutes and get this done…”.  There it is.  We all carry around this ability to procrastinate, defer until a better time, combined with the perception that we do not have enough time right now, it builds into a nice little excuse. Grant Cardone in Be Obsessed or Be Average notes that we are holding ourselves back, not out there doing the things we love because we aren’t obsessed enough to make the time. He argues vehemently that if we were truly obsessed and in love we would make the time. We fall back on the idea that tomorrow is a better time; it becomes a habit to not do it then just get started. Julia Cameron suggests that one way to combat this habit is to steal time because in reality there is no situation where the circumstances are perfect to just write or edit photos or insert whatever task that needs to get done towards moving us towards our goals.
I’m writing this at my desk at work before I start getting things done.  It’s 6:20 AM and I just sat down and felt the urge to write a few sentences. Stealing some time for myself every day.  Routine now.  And I’m writing about it.  How many words did I just flop out on the page; doesn’t matter if they are good or not because I’m writing them.  I’m showing myself that no matter what, I can drop some language and knowledge on myself.  Proving to myself that if I make the time I will write. Finding similar themes flowing between different books and looking at them saying “yes, there is a connection right there, how do I lock this into my mind.”  Most importantly, stealing time away to write things down because thoughts tend to fade without a little encouragement and reinforcement.
I listen to Grant Cardone’s energy flowing through my speakers and wonder how do I turn on that obsession? Only to realise that it is already turned on I just block it.  I just allow myself to block out the things I want to say; the things I want to write.  I allow excuses and judgments to pop up and sit there looking me in the face daring me to move past them.  One of the key messages I took from #BOBA (a title that really does portray exactly what his mindset is) is that persistence is key. If nothing else in my life, I am persistent.  I’m persistent at working through things until they are done. There is no question that my persistent skill is high.  So I sit here and write. I sit here and edit photos. I sit here and think about all of the things I want to do with these tools; looking for links between them and how I’m going to use them for good.  How can people benefit from these tools that I’m slowly developing? How can people benefit from the tools you are slowly developing?
I take photos of books and beers. That’s a bit absurd. Sure it is but you know what, I’m persistent at it and people appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into it.  It’s also a daily test of myself to see if I’m going to show up, and a constant battle against the habit of procrastination or waiting until tomorrow.  To see if I make enough time to go down and take that photo. To make time to think of what I want to write here about the books I’ve read or the lessons learned. When you are in this mindset of wanting to get things done and being obsessed about it realise that the time in your life opens up.  You don’t have to steal as much time because you drop other things that you no longer want to spend time on.
Julia Cameron goes on to say: “So much good writing doesn’t seem to care.”  Wow, I care a lot about what I write.  As if my careful balance of dictation is going to offend people. As I walk the tightrope of some imaginary level of good and bad. I really have no idea what good or bad even means in writing; I’m an amateur here! These thoughts flow and I try and capture them without any good sense of all the things that are important to good writing.  Ask me to write a blog post about good writing and I’d shut my computer down and walk away.  Julia, once again, is on to something. I feel 10X better already Grant Cardone.  10X better for sitting here just writing what I want. There it is.  Passion.  I’m bringing it right now, are you?
1. Stop telling yourself you will do it when you have time.  I wrote this post in 12 minutes (you can probably tell by the quality of the writing!) and yet it felt great.
2. Listen to the advice of Julia Cameron on two things (not necessarily specific to writing but life in general). Steal the time to make it happen and don’t focus on perfection.  Do something bad at first until you get good at it. Stop being so focused on the quality and just do it!  Grant Cardone would give Julia a high five right now and echo the same thing.   He’d say “Stop being a little bitch, and start! Don’t worry about perfection, start!” (If you’ve read his book or listened to his audio you know that this is exactly what he would say). You can hear his voice right now.

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