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The goliath 85mm lens resting atop the D750. I’ve come to appreciate the complexities of this lens and the beautiful product shots, that when combined with proper lighting, this lens can capture.


As the year winds down, Christmas having ended, it’s always a good time to reflect back on the things we found successful and look ahead to what the new year will bring. I’m not one to set New Year’s Resolutions because I find that I don’t stick with them but rather I experiment with new methods on a routine basis and see what sticks. This week I’ve picked up the habit of writing at night before going to bed. Dumping the thoughts out of my head to be ready to take on the next day. I’ve also been reading Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans and highly recommend this. I’ve been a big proponent of the podcast and this big has distilled many of the greatest thoughts and moments into a single source. I encourage you to pick this tome of a book and see some of the topics covered and individuals interviewed. An excellent source.

Besides writing at night, one of the things I’ve often thought about incorporating into my daily writing was some form of gratitude. A lot of people use Morning Pages to write about the things they are grateful however it’s not been something that’s worked for me. I tend to either be focusing on my day or the ups and downs in my mood in the morning. It can be difficult to shift into a mindset of gratitude.

Peter Diamandis, the founder of the X Prize and co-founder of Singularity University, uses the Three Win method at the end of each night to recount three “wins of the day” helping to re-affirm the positives that have occurred each and every day rather than getting stuck in any negative patterns before going to sleep. Tim refers to this as 3 amazing things that happened today and uses it to remind himself what he has, as opposed to what he is pursuing. Interesting. It also fits nicely into the framework of mindfulness in that we benefit by opening our hearts to different forms of gratitude. A win can be a form of gratitude if directed appropriately, whether towards ourselves or others.

We shall see how the nightly routine goes. I’m off work right now and find I have extra time so will this fade away once my nightly work week takes hold. How about evenings where we go out? Will I be inclined to return to the laptop before going to sleep?

I’m curious to hear what others have as nightly routines if any, and what do you find works?

If you do follow this blog, I’d like to hear from you. I’d like to hear from you what you look forward to reading and what can go. Often times I find myself questioning the benefit of this blog to others; one of my key goals when I started. Send me an e-mail at if you have any thoughts or ideas.

What do you think of the new layout of the blog? A bit cleaner, more photo-centric. Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Big Lens Big Ideas

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing! And it is so true. Reminding ourselves of what we have rather than what we are pursuing is a way to cultivate gratitude… what a way to go to sleep! I think I am going to try to incorporate that into my evening routine as well! Thanks 🙂

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