Daily Inspiration

Captured with a Nikon D750 24-120 f4 lense.

Taking a deeper dive into some older photos to figure out why I tossed them away or passed them over. Found this photo of an abandoned railway line that leads into a small park next to Rogers Centre in Toronto. Underneath this park runs the new lines that spans a football field in with full of lines. Perhaps this was the original train line and now represents just a memory.

Came across this great article over at PhotoFocus written by Marco Larousse on finding inspiration in our daily lives. Expanding on last week’s idea of carrying the camera around; this is a great way to re-imagine our daily routine and take into account the moments happening all around us.

No different than in our daily mindfulness practice of taking time out of the day to be present, photography presents us with the same opportunities. For me it’s recognizing these opportunities, being open to taking the camera out and capturing them. I also find following great photographers on Instagram to be inspiring. Looking at photo setups, filter and post processing use, and even the behind the scenes stuff. Always opportunity to learn and be inspired.

Anyone else have a daily inspiration type photograph routine?  What do you find works and doesn’t work?

If you have some time check out the the Photofocus podcast specifically on inspiration.




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