Sleeping Giant

A quiet 10 minute walk from my house sits these behemoths. I’ve yet to see them move from their spot but work progresses on the overpass being built nearby. Wanted to capture the setting sun and found a willing model. This shot was over exposed on the camera but came alive when I put it into post-processing. Didn’t bring the 28mm with me so this was captured and cropped from the Zeiss 55mm 1.8.

All of these beautiful images are always flowing through my feed and I wonder how so many amazing images can get captured. The answer is by doing. I’m guilty of not getting out enough and just capturing images. There were a total of 10 images of which 2 had some interesting qualities and this one was my favorite even though on the camera it wasn’t overly impressed.

An interesting thought occurred to me the other day. Why am I so willing to carry around my camera attached to my hand in every other city I visit but my own? Suddenly there is a self conscious element about carrying the camera here so I’m working on it. My goal is to take a few photos every morning on the way to work by forcing myself to pull the camera out and remind myself to keep my eyes open for interesting shots.

Anyone else notice this about themselves? What a strange insecurity.

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