August Reflections

Breaks are sometimes a necessity to reflect on what we are trying to focus on and achieve. My enjoyment of growing @books.and.beers has put the Mindful Lifter on a hiatus. Hiatus of a few weeks to determine where I’d like to take it. Daily meditation. Check. Daily readings of mindfulness. Check. Writing? For myself daily sure.  Inspiration to write here has transferred to my photography for now. Take the above photo as an example. The idea of reaching out to an up-and-coming brewery here in Alberta to do a small photoshoot with a local bookstore. The creative aspect of this project has been as much fun as meeting all of these people associated with breweries and bookstores. It’s a world that I’ve had little exposure to other than my own enjoyment of books and beers.

It’s nice to be back writing though. Morning Pages continues to be a source of inspiration and reflection that I’ve never had in my life before. It’s now a deeply etched habit that I’m able to truly encounter myself and the inner workings of my mind. This is an outlet too but there is always a hesitation. A struggle to come up with ideas that I want to transition from the Morning Pages to the outside world. The beauty of mindfulness practice is these are the moments where I get to stand back and watch myself grow. Watch the inner workings of my mind and see the struggles as they arise and how I then decide to overcome them.

Lifting continues but I’ve ramped down the pace to allow a few nagging injuries to heal themselves. Shoulder therapy is now wrapped up and it’s feeling great. A nagging SI joint is preventing me from really cranking back up on the squat/deadlift weight so I’ve just been taking it easy over the summer.  Focusing on the other important aspects of life. Family. Friends. Entrepreneurial pursuits involving books and beers.

Halfway through August and I’m looking forward to a much-needed vacation. Trying to incorporate my side photography business into my vacation has been the latest venture and I’m looking forward to drinking a few beers in the process.


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