Motivating Factors

Two weeks off.  Time to reflect and really nail down what is in store over the coming year.  If you haven’t already, check out @books.and.beers on Instagram.  A shameless plug for my latest creative outlet and perhaps something more. Grant Cardone doesn’t pull his punches and The 10X Rule has now been listened too twice; twice in three days for that matter. If you have read this book, or haven’t, I couldn’t encourage you more to check out the audiobook version of this. If you think the book is motivating then listen to Grant read his book in his own words.

What have I learned. Set big goals. Stop getting in your own way with fears, doubts, and excuses. Take ownership for all things that happen in your life; there is no one else to blame. Take action. Well that’s a simple list. So what don’t I do enough of. I make excuses, I let fear block my own actions, and when things don’t go right I can easily point the finger.

Feels good to say those things. It feels great to write again and say what’s on my mind. Where does mindfulness fit with someone like Grant Cardone?  That has been a question nagging me lately. Being present is critical to the methodology that Grant uses on a daily basis.  Taking action is being present with your emotions and simply working through them.  Be present with the fear and step through it.  Grant’s charisma is intoxicating and even through my meditations the last few days I found the feeling of enthusiasm and passion overwhelming. My mind is wired towards being motivated and taking on new and exciting things. It can be fascinating to watch the shift in our minds when negativity is replaced by positive energy; for me it’s even more powerful than any type of negative thinking. The response in meditation is really no different though.  The recognition of thought, the re-focus on the breath, and continuation of the process.  No judgement, just acknowledgement.

On the flip side, day to day life feels energetic when there is self-motivation behind your action. The 10X Rule comes on the heels of The Art of Possibility and has stirred something inside of me.  Old boundaries seem to have crumbled and the idea of growing something has inspired me to take action. I may listen to Grant’s book another ten times just to make sure these ideas of passion aren’t forgotten in the future. Writing here is a passion and yet I found myself struggling to take action because of many of the points noted above; fear, excuses, etc.





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