Ruminations of a Writer’s Mind

A small walking path along the Celeidh Trail overlooking the Northumberland Strait on a three week-adventure last summer. An old route with plenty left to see for new eyes.

“The men who pioneered the old routes are leaders, not our masters. Truth lies open to everyone. There has yet to be a monopoly of truth. And there is plenty of it left for future generations too.” – Seneca (Letter XXXIII)

Write. Write. Write. I’ve got lots on the go and seemingly nothing to write about. That’s not fair. I have lots to write about but haven’t felt the inspiration to write lately. A phase I typically go through when it comes to my creative ebbs and flows. The tide has been ebbing all week. A function of me turning inward while I go through Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way and follow the guidance and tasks assigned. Morning pages are rocking and yet I feel more raw on the inside and unwilling to share. Build up the walls then tear them down a different way and see what is left. There is no block, just choice.

The thought of losing my best friend has unhinged something not felt in a couple of years and it’s driving me inward. Breathe. Stability doesn’t seem to exist in this moment so I’m doing my best to accept those things going on around me. As bad as it sometimes feels it is the most alive I’ve felt in a long time. Raw emotion and the normal habits of seeking distraction are gone so I sit here and breathe. Opening up and letting words flow in random fashion.

Resolve tends to backfill this open space. Stay the course. Onward. Write.

“The poet William Meredith has observed that the worst that can be said of a man is that ‘he did not pay attention.’ ” – Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

That quote, in Week 2, slapped me in the face. I’m not sure about everyone else but my life seems to have always been filled with a lack of paying attention to the details. That is changing for the best and I firmly believe will help my writing.   In my own words: “I find my writing tends to stay somewhat superficial as if I’m afraid to dig into the details. Perhaps that’s my efficiency mindset crushing my creative flavor.” Not unknown to me but a recognition that I tend to drift along the outside without diving in.

A lot of disconnected thoughts all on one page and yet I can feel that resolve and strength waiting to come back.  The ebb won’t last forever and when the flow returns I’ll be ready to continue on. This might be the water sweeping past my feet as we speak.

500 words of random ruminations covering a few days of life. An encouragement to like-minded individuals to keep writing. Keep being creative. Discourage the doubts in your mind about there not being anything to write about because as Seneca wrote 2,000 years ago truth lies open to everyone even if it feels like it has been told before.


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