Photo Blog #3: Which to Choose…

An early morning with a beautiful sunrise to behold.

The morning started off like any other morning.  The alarm fires up and I grab the phone to shake it to snooze. Edgar is patiently standing there looking me in the eyes, waiting. Waiting for his morning routine. Outside, inside, breakfast, nap, …  Well it’s Edgar so we can’t skip the first three or he will lose his mind; breakfast being the sole motivation for getting out of bed. This morning was a a bit different though because looking out the rear window of my house a beautiful sunrise was occurring. The mind immediately goes to the camera; I need to grab it.

35mm or 85mm. Let’s go wider. I’m just going to grab a few quick snaps and that will be good.  The first few are decent but the lighting isn’t quite there… Aperture priority mode and automatic ISO and it’s coming across too bright. It’s not capturing the beautiful colors I’m seeing with my eyes. There is a fire in the sky outside and the images are washed out.  Ok, I need to slow down get the ISO in check and let the camera do it’s magic.

ISO is down and a few snaps and … Argh it’s blurry now.  Ok, no problem. … my tripod is upstairs and I don’t want to grab it.  I’ll just set the camera on the table, covered in puzzle pieces, and see what happens.  Ahh what an interesting image but .. I need to stop being lazy. Grab the tripod. The tripod, on the deck, lets get to the real fire in the sky.  Longer exposure, lower ISO, and suddenly the colours explode you wonder why you didn’t just grab the tripod to begin with. It seems like an easy choice. The dark hues really showing the fiery nature of the sunrise capturing those moments before the sun breaks the horizon.

A true fire in the sky.  And yet there is something interesting about the other images. Interesting because of the colour, through the blinds, reflections off the puzzle pieces and tables. The lack of focus and subtle lights across the way.

Sometimes it comes down to a choice between photos and at first it seems easy but upon reflection there are sometimes these photos that sit in the back of your mind and you think it’s interesting enough to share. It may not have the immediate impact but it grows on you. And yet if you are reading it maybe it’s an easy choice. Maybe I shared the wrong photo; maybe they are equally good; maybe they both suck.  All valid answers.

Seth Godin has an interesting quote that fit if you can define my photography as art:

“What matters, what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making. Something risky. Something human.  Art is not in the eye of the beholder. It’s in the soul of the artist.” – Seth Godin

A lot of times the photos come down to a series of choice between one or another and yet those interesting photos we take can sometimes be the most meaningful. A random long exposure photo with the camera resting on a cluttered table looking through a dirty window with blinds but having a somewhat magical quality about it. The fog in the mind of an early morning perhaps. Or perhaps it’s simply being able to reflect back on the process and laugh at the scattered nature of it all and somehow coming up with something interesting.







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