2015…A Look Back

The wall of 2015. Mementos from the adventures taken during the year. Plus the obligatory Pug calendar that goes up every year.

It’s been a pretty incredible 2015.  A lot of ups with a few downs to keep things in perspective but overall life has passed by and I’ve been present through it all.  One of the ideas I had at the beginning of the year was to simply keep track of some of the interesting things that happened by keeping little mementos.  Ticket stubs, brochures, coasters, invitations, etc. As you can see if ended up being eventful and a lot of the stuff  I may not have specifically recalled had there not been a little reminder.

The first half of the year seemed to race by. Sticking around Calgary and attending a few events, trying to keep up on the slew of movies that 2015 offered culminating in a Canada Day celebration downtown. The winter kept me focused in the gym and saw all of my three lift PR’s fall culminating in some big squat and deadlift numbers which I’m on pace to break going into Winter 2016.

July / August saw the first and second of four trips this year. Visiting Montreal in July and having the opportunity to see Dave Chapelle at the Just For Laughs festival was definitely a highlight. Attending the MacDonald – Sawler wedding in Eastern Canada gave me the opportunity to spend three weeks touring around the East Coast for the first time in my life and see some of the most beautiful countryside as well as revisiting some of my families heritage at the same time.

It was during the summer that my creative side finally came through. This blog was in development and photography, something I’ve always enjoyed but never pursued, became more prominent in my life. A lot of posts have been in respect to this creative outlet and in all honesty it was the wedge that opened the door. It’s hard to imagine life without photography and writing and even how I managed in the past. Truly a personal growth moment in 2015.

A brief reprieve from travel in the fall and back to Montreal in October culminating in a trip to Tokyo / Hong Kong in November. An amazing cultural experience but also a milestone in that it was booked on a whim and turned out so amazing. This is something that will hopefully be an annual occurrence. A random trip somewhere in the world booked on a whim.  Not sure where 2016 will take me.

Divorce. Well it officially happened in 2015 and took a big weight off my chest in terms of anxiety. It’s not a topic I’ve spent time discussing but hopefully it will come. Needless to say the mindfulness / meditation practice stemmed from this low point in my life and has turned into a cornerstone for me. One door closes and another opens.  It’s not something I take lightly but it is something that with time will hopefully be easier to talk about.  Life changes are never easy and it has never been taken lightly. This critical moment in my life has led to some of the most positive changes and for that I’m thankful.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” – Mary Oliver

A new relationship has blossomed from this and has been an amazing addition and change in my life. So we can dwell on the positive and negative or we can reflect back on all of the opportunities to learn and grow that come from both. My outlook on life as a result of a steady mindfulness / meditation practice is just that. Stay in the present and pay attention to the emotions as they arise and look at them all as opportunities to grow.

I’m pumped to see what 2016 will have in store. Already I’ve thought of some ideas to continue growing my photography practice and further expand my creative outlets. In the past these types of things never occurred to me to represent personal growth and yet as I become more comfortable with myself and who I am the creative side can flourish. Relationships / Mindfulness / Travel / Edgar / Powerlifting / Writing / Photography. Those are the areas of focus for 2016. My career is important and I truly enjoy my job so that will always be a focus but personal growth has been more important over the past couple of years for me.




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