Relax, Unwind, Re-evaluate

The view from my reading / meditation room.  An early morning shot on Christmas Eve as people awake and life begins to stir.

The past couple of weeks and especially the past few days have allowed me time to relax and unwind.  Days at home to just enjoy being here and not worrying about the madness that surrounds work, especially in this industry and economy. It’s been a time to spend with family and really cherish the time we have together. Not focusing on the negative habits that can sometimes arise but simply taking everything for what it is.

If you are like me you probably spend the time off trying to get a thousand things done and at the end looking back and going..what did I do with my time off?  Maybe you are productive, maybe you aren’t.  My list was small this year. Figure out a home gym in the basement and clean up my office to create a small writing area on my desk rather then a dumping ground for all things paper related!

I’ve also been able to re-evaluate and start to think about 2016. The themes at a high level and how my goals will start to feed into those themes. Last year my focus really was on mindfulness and setting a reading goal of 100 books for 2015. Reading is a big part of my life but this year there will be no reading goal but rather I’ll shift my focus to writing. Writing everyday. Over the past two weeks I’ve attempted to write in my journal, more than just the odd note or quote, but from within and amazingly I’ve managed to fill 30-40 pages without any real effort. Does any of it mean anything; well perhaps not but it’s getting comfortable with the idea of constantly writing and seeing where it goes.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. – Albert Einstein

So 2016 my list of focus areas include and are in no particular order:

  • Powerlifting (This is, and will always be a huge part of my life, and will continue to be so in 2016. I’ve got a goal of competing. I’ve had a goal of competing in the past but this year I need to take the next step. People are out there who will hold me accountable and ultimately I need to hold myself accountable).
  • Writing (As mentioned; write everyday. In my journal and here. Merging the two and seeing what comes in 2016 for this blog in general)
  • Photography (Continue to work on becoming better with the camera. Areas to work on include just getting out and shooting! It’s amazing how days can go by and I look at my camera and nothing. Continuing to work on taking good pictures and start moving into portraits. Remembering that at the end of the day the only person whose opinion matters is my own. This is a big one).
  • Meditation (Continue to learn and read about mindfulness / meditation / and maintain my daily practice through 2016).
  • Travel (Where will 2016 take me?) Undecided but there will be travel. 2015 was the first year of randomly picking a place and going. Being open to trying out new places rather than planning, planning, and more planning. Tokyo / Hong Kong were amazing so this will be something I look forward to in 2016.
  • Edgar (The Pug is always on the list. Making sure he is comfortable in his old age and enjoy his company each and every day. He is an important part of my life).
  • Relationships (Remembering how important people are in my life and focusing on everyone who matters. I can survive in a hole with no one around but that isn’t what makes life interesting and the challenge is to remember to give out the energy and it will be given back in time).

Only a couple of specific goals so far but the themes are there.  What does your 2016 look like and what kind of themes do you hope to include in your life next year.


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