That Pesky Small Mind

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Taken in Paris within the Arc De Triomphe. This statue seemed to capture that voice inside our heads that always wants to talk us down.

What does your small mind look like?  How does the ego inside your head manifest itself and what is it you are doing or want to be doing that you feel as though are you being held back.

For me it’s this. All of the things I’d like to talk about get noted down in my journal.  Ideas / thoughts / quotes / pictures I’ve taken and how they relate to a topic I’d like to cover.  They sit on the page and then my mind starts to ruminate.  What if you really don’t have anything more to say?  You gave it a good shot but lets put this to rest. Nobody is reading this anyway.

The cascade effect of the small mind / ego can be immense.  If we allow it.

It became clear however that this is something I enjoy so why not continue it despite what anyone else thinks and despite what those gremlins inside think. This conversation came up between a friend and I and she led me to a quote that spoke true from Ernest Hemingway:

“Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

Just write. And enjoy the process.  Enjoy the creativity that comes from writing and looking through old pictures and finding links between the passions in your life.  In my case they have come together in the form of photography, writing, mindfulness studies and fitness.

If you find yourself struggling with these types of gremlins and they can be numerous. They prevent us from starting something new, taking a leap into the unknown, doing what we love doing out of fear, continuing what we love doing out of fear, and so on.

When those moments arise simply reflect on what you started in the first place. Follow the breathe and consider if this is something you love doing then keep going.  Write your one true sentence. So here I am writing. Post #6. That’s a new PR.


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