3. Why Lift

Image taken at Strive Fitness in the early days of learning how to proper bench and incorporating bands.

First let me preface this post by saying I’m by no means a professional in any type of lifting sport, I’ve never competed (although 2016 is the year where I’d like to take that leap), and I’m not a personal trainer.  Amateur, enthusiast, committed, and lifelong lover of what lifting means and learning about all facets of the sport are what drive me.

Working out has been a lifelong passion through most of my life starting in University being uneducated in anything weightlifting to where I am now. Almost two years ago I transitioned into training specifically in Powerlifting. A sport that is gaining popularity throughout North America and Europe due to it’s relative ease of entry and competitive and individual nature of the sport.

University really was the driver for me to become active in working out.  The gym in high school had almost zero interest yet when I arrived at University and the prospect of a free top quality gym presented itself I dove in.  The fact that I felt out of shape and was overweight at the time also helped fuel the initial passion.  It wasn’t until a year later having logged everything (for another post) and lost 30 pounds that it really sunk it.  This is something I want to do for life.  Time and effort committed = results.

Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result.    – Kevin Michel

Skip ahead to a year and 8 months ago and the notion of putting this weightlifting to some use struck me.  Bodybuilding had appealed to me but I wasn’t as interested in the physique, it was the performance. Enter powerlifting. My goal at the time was to compete within the year. A couple of kind souls (See IG: everydayavi and powerliftingaccountant) introduced me to real powerlifting technique and I realized that work was needed.  Coupled with some nagging injuries due to weak technique over time, muscle imbalance, and old age the passion was reignited.

Less than a month ago, at 83kg, I deadlifted 585lbs. A personal best and goal towards 600lbs which I set for myself after I hit 500lbs.  This is a tangible result of years of hard work and training. Time committed, effort, and my own competitive nature with myself continue to drive me forward in this growing sport and barring any serious injury will land me on a platform in the coming year.

Through this blog I hope to share some insight into the different methods, learnings, and stories (that I can recall) and hear from people who also have interesting stories to share.  For those outside of the sport it may appear somewhat aloof and difficult to enter but once you meet the people involved and start a training program it’s easy to get hooked.


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