2. Gratitude

Through the process of meditation, reading about mindfulness, and aiming to become more aware of my life there come times when themes weave themselves through the stories read, those notes I’ve captured, and even in the quotes I’ve read.  Lately I’ve been listening to the 10-pack Headspace on Appreciation with the focus on appreciating the things and people in our lives that matter.

Each moment is a chance for us to make peace with the world   – Thich Nhat Hanh

One of the idea suggested is jotting down three items we are grateful at the end of the night and reflect on those for a few moments before falling asleep.  The idea being that the feeling of gratitude over time will begin to alter the way we think and perhaps lead us down a path towards being more grateful.

On my recent trip to Eastern Canada there were a few times where I found myself reflecting on how fortunate we are as Canadians to live in this country and grateful for those people who came before us to this country and helped forge the country we are today.  Take for example this image of the Merchant Seaman statue outside the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (Above). Representing the men and women who were merchant sailors who transported goods and men across the Atlantic Ocean during World War II to support the British war effort through the Battle of the Atlantic through to the Invasion of Normandy and to the conclusion of the War.

Another grateful moment came while walking through the Immigration Museum at Pier 21 and thinking about the time when my ancestors must have boarded ships coming to settle in a new country called Canada to set down their roots.  I felt grateful for their efforts for because of them those of us fortunate to grow up in this country are here now.

Take some time to think about those people, memories, and things you are grateful.  Being aware of them and perhaps even writing them down over time will change the way you think about people you encounter in your daily life and even lead you to showing more gratitude on a daily basis.


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