1. Writing

First post. First blog. First time venturing forth into a world where I can express my creativity through words and not just photos.  On a journey through the world of mindfulness books related to the topic have become a passion. Ezra Bayda being an author who writes in a form that is understandable.  In The Authentic Life he writes about his own inner small mind and the idea of writing another book:

The point of writing wasn’t to try to sound good or to receive praise, but instead to simply focus on the fact that there were things that I truly wanted to say, things that have been essential in my own practice…”

So this blog follows in those footsteps.  Not to receive praise or sound good but simply to focus on the things that I want to say and in doing so propel myself further down the path of mindfulness.

This blog will cover passions including mindfulness, powerlifting, and photography with hints of randomness dropped in because in a world where we aim to be mindful we start to notice a lot of random things and more often.

Criticisms, comments, & connections are welcome as this venture begins to materialize.  Always happy to connect to other likeminded folks in any of the passions.

This image was taken at Louisbourg Fortress south of Sydney Nova Scotia on a recent trip.  The fortress has been recreated and within one of the houses you were able to try your hand at writing using an inkwell.  It seemed fitting.


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